Yes, Virginia, There Really Is a Red Hen

Actually, there are a couple dozen of them. They are a cherished part of our restaurant family.

Delivered to us in a cardboard box, almost two years ago:

So cute. I defy you to observe without melting a little.

These twenty four New Hampshire Reds have thrived on hand-feeding, fresh air, and a lot of doting by us and our children.

She looks cranky, but trust me, we should all have such nice lives.

And today, the hens are fat and happy, and laying like there is no tomorrow.

We are family. I got all my sisters with me.

And oh! the eggs. You have never seen plumper, yellower yolks. These eggs star in several dishes, like Collin's frisee salads with poached Red Hen egg, or his handmade spaetzel and egg dish (with peas, spring garlic, oyster mushrooms, scallion, lemon ricotta & chervil), or Amanda's crème brûlée.

Happy food from happy hens. Come in and see for yourself.

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