"The Nut of the Ham"

You learn something new everyday. Tonight's Red Hen Market Menu features something called "noix de jamon," which Collin tells me means "the nut of the ham." Think best part of a piece of pork, perfectly cured.

I don't care what you call it, I call it delicious.

Here's how it's playing this evening in our $35 Market Menu.

1st course: a small plate of noix de jamon, brie, lavash bread

2nd course: butter leaf salad with strawberries (picked yesterday by our friend Rodney), fennel, radishes, turnips with vinaigrette

3rd course: rosemary & honey-roasted quail with grits, asparagus (also just picked), & walnuts

I know it's 5:30 pm & you might already have dinner plans. But hey, there's always tomorrow.

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