Beer Dinner

Ranger from Terrapin Brewery Joined us this past week to put together a great beer dinner.
Hear are some pictures:

Canapes (not Pictured)
Cheddar Mustard Gougeres
Melon and smoked Lardo
Basil Poached Scallop, Corn and Arugula

Tomato and Watermelon salad with Marmac and BBQ Tofu
Sun Ray Wheat

Smoked Trout with Wax Beans, Pickled Shallots and crispy Capers
Hop Karma IPA
Braised Pork Belly with Pale Ale Mustard Caramel, Spatzle and Greens
Rye Squared
Grits Honey Poached Peaches
Gamma Ray
Pretzel Stout Caramel Truffles

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