With all the talk today about the limestone planter that will be installed in front of the patio, I've been thinking a lot about how important this stone is to Lexington architecture. I took a walk around downtown to photograph some examples, and here are my favorites, which happen to be adjacent to the Red Hen.

I love how they just built around, on, and into the natural rock formations, like this building (known as the "Children's Clinic" for some reason, now David Natkin's law office).

Here is Halestone, Nancy Sailor's dance studio. One of the oldest buildings still standing in town and just a wild pile of limestone.

This is right next door, Washington Street Purveyors, aka Chuck's wine shop. Check out how they used the native rock ledge. Amazing.


  1. Looks like that Smith guy needs to do a little housekeeping with the weeds.

  2. Are those weeds or hops? Either way, I think I know someone who can yank them out for you...