Our big news

It is with mixed emotions that we write to you to inform you that Tucker Yoder, Red Hen's chef since its opening two years ago, will be leaving us in mid-October. We are very sad to lose him, but we are also grateful to him for his brilliant two years of service and delighted for him as he takes on an exciting new culinary challenge. 

Tucker will become the Executive Chef at the Clifton Inn (www.cliftoninn.net) in Charlottesville. This is a great opportunity and we wish Tucker continued success and happiness in his new job. In the meantime, we've begun a national search for a new chef (or perhaps two!) to bring some new magic to our delightful red-tiled kitchen.  While that is happening, we are still fully committed to regular service through October 16, and we will be open for W&L Parents' Weekend (November 4-6).  We will keep you informed of our news and any schedule changes via this email list--so watch this space! 

A big thank you and congratulations to Tucker.  Thanks also to you for your ongoing support of the Red Hen.

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  1. Wish Tucker the best but we are saddened by this news. He will be difficult to replace!