Get a load of that color

I had to steal this image from Tucker's blog too. Beets from Appalachian Star Farm -- almost too beautiful to eat.


  1. Beets are beautiful. Sean Brock makes a beet/strawberry thing sous-vide style that looks amazing. Nothing could be more red than that. Are we overdoing the red theme maybe? Here's Brock's thing: Forono Beets

  2. After re-reading that post on Brock's blog, I had to laugh. Note his praise for the "simplicity" of the dish:

    "these grow cylindrical instead of spherical…tonight we served them poached in strawberry consomme with whipped blue cheese, cocoa nibs and nasturtiums….we finished the dish with some hazelnut oil from jean marc and some Oregon hazelnuts…i was really happy with the simplicity of this dish….I"