Red Jenn?

Our friend Jenn is lobbying hard for a drink to be named the "Red Jenn," basically a whiskey sour with lots of extra grenadine. Consider it done, Jenn.

The only problem is that now my wife wants a drink named after her, and she's working on rhymes for "Sarah." Good luck, sweetie.


  1. There's got to be a pear liqueur for the "Sare Pear."

    Or maybe we can offer a hangover cure: "Sar-ah the dog that bit you"

    (I was going to call it just "Sarah the dog" but, um, maybe not.)

    So that's done. Now what rhymes with Stephanie?

  2. You might have to settle for alliteration, Stephanie. Like a Stephanie's Steamer (hot Earl Grey Tea with a shot of rum) or a Wilkinson Wombat (Bombay Sapphire, amaretto, kiwi juice, diet Mountain Dew, and Pop-Rocks?).

    By the way, let's clear all these with Ross to make sure they don't mean something we don't intend.

    None of those ideas for a Sarah drink are going to make her happy. I think we need to think outside rhymes-- what about the "Guidance Office Gimlet"?

  3. Ooh, this is so exciting!

    Hey, I love this last one (the iced tea one):


    Stephanie's Epephanie? Because when you have one, you suddenly realize...um, maybe that it's kind of dangerous to have more than two?

  4. I'd stay away from anything that includes the word "steamer."

  5. The "Sarah-Soda"

    still working on the recipe....

    Slogan: "Add a little Triple-Sec to your Triple Crown event!"

    ~Sarah B.

  6. I like the Stephanie Epephenie. Look! it has the word hen right in it.

    I would look up steamer but I have made a solemn vow never to look at the urban dictionary ever again.

    Moving on: John's drink. The Blackburn Rover? (Maker's Mark and...what? smoke from an unfiltered cigarette perhaps?)

  7. Hey, how about for whatever Sarah's favorite drink is: Sarah Smiles? Like the Hall and Oates song? (Unless she's been tortured with that song her whole life. In which case, you could call it Piss Off, Hall and Oates.)

  8. Or just Piss for short.

  9. And Pish after the first two.